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Powering Driver & Vehicle Usage-Based Applications

Your driver & vehicle management companion


Optio - Your Driver & Vehicle Companion

Helping you manage risk, environmental impact, and vehicle running costs

Optio is an app for IOS and Android smartphones that is free to use. It offers useful driving aids and vehicle management tools. You can use it to get a driving risk assessment based on 500 miles of driving data. Then you can strive to improve your risk assessment and choose to submit your assessment for insurers to offer you their best insurance deals.

As well as risk management you can use the app to monitor your driving environmental impact in terms of emissions. 

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Optio - App & Smartphone as a Sensor

Interested in telemetry hardware devices for fleet applications then click here

Use Optio to collect initial data

Optio can be readily configured to capture driving and vehicle usage data specifically for your business in a dedicated data source. End users simply install Optio from Apple or Google stores and enter your specific code (issued from Telematicus) when registering to send data to your dedicated data source.

Use Optio to provide insurance information for customers

Particularly for insurers, you can use Optio to provide an easily accessible insurance information card "bump card" with contact numbers that a user can click to call in case of accident.

White label Optio for quick market entry

If you are a business wanting to launch a telematics-based product or service including insurance but don't initially need to invest in a dedicated smartphone application and want to go to market quickly then Optio offers white labeling options

Plug in the Optio components to your app

If you are a business wanting to establish a smartphone telematics product or service including insurance then the telemetry components that are showcased in Optio are available for your own app development.

Analysis and Reporting

See the power of analysis & reporting providing data insights to drive decision making.



Automotive, Software, and Computer Science Professionals

Telematicus was founded by professionals with backgrounds and experience in automotive service, repair, diagnostics, manufacturing and information engineering.

The purpose of Telematicus is to enable business and personal users to gain greater insights into the safety, environmental impact, costs of operating vehicles in today's world. These insights help in planning and decisions about changing to more environmentally friendly vehicles, improving personal safety and reducing risk, and managing operating costs including mixed modes of transportation.

Telematicus continuously develops its telemetry capture technologies and capabilities, together with cloud-based data storage, analysis, and feedback. Artificial intelligence is now increasingly prominent in the way in which data is analysed and insights established.



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